Design Services

Our Design services incorporate creative concepts and innovative solutions to meet all the Client requirements and budgets.

We cater the design services across the market that includes small, medium and large projects for Clients from private and public sector.

Construction works

The Construction team comprises qualified and experienced Engineers, technicians and skilled workforce, having very good experience in execution of a significant number of prestigious landscaping and irrigation projects.

Operation & Maintenance Services

Similarly, the Management and project Team of DESCO comprise qualified and experienced engineers and professionals, having significant experience in operation and maintenance of a good number of prestigious landscaping and irrigation projects. Some of these projects are the major industrial cities within the State of Qatar with huge landscaped areas.


Other Services

Plant Rental: We provide plant rental services including transportation; installation and maintenance of indoor and outdoor plants; make floral arrangements, etc. for various events and functions in eh Country at competitive rates.

Plant Clinic: We can receive tired and ailing plants from Customers, cure them and bring back to healthy ones.

Consultancy Services: We carryout studies and provide expert advice on all aspects of landscape, interior-scape, irrigation and nurseries to Customers.

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